Monday, October 05, 2009

In Utroque Usu: Ss. Peter and Paul, Cork City, Ireland

As many of our readers will know, the NLM is particularly interested in documenting and promoting the parishes and priests who operate within the context of both forms of the Roman liturgy, particularly where this can be integrated into the regular context of parish life.

Accordingly, we were delighted to hear of another example of this "Benedictine" approach, recently established in Ireland at the parish of Ss. Peter and Paul in Cork City:

An important event took place at the parish of Ss. Peter and Paul’s, Cork City, Ireland on Sunday 4th October 2009. From that Sunday, Mass in the Extraordinary Form at 12noon is now a regular part of the parochial schedule of Sundays Masses in that parish. As such, the parish is the first in the Munster Province, which covers the South of Ireland, to provide Mass in the Extraordinary Form every Sunday for the faithful. To mark this development, a Missa Solemnis was offered at 12noon on Sunday 4th October by the Parish Priest, Father Patrick McCarthy. Ss. Peter and Paul’s, designed by Edward Welby Pugin, also celebrates the 150th Anniversary of its Laying of the Foundation Stone this year.

Here are a few photographs of the newly introduced Sunday noon Mass.

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