Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Carthusians: On the Feast of Their Founder

As today is the feast of the founder of the Carthusians, St. Bruno, I thought some might be interested in revisiting a few of the posts and photos we have featured on the NLM over the past years on the Carthusian liturgy and life.

For others of course, these posts and the information contained therein may be new.

Some Archival Articles

The Carthusian Liturgy by a Carthusian Monk (Originally Published in 1940-1, in Magnificat: A Liturgical Quarterly)

Rare Liturgical Images: Carthusian Rite

The Carthusian Nun and the Use of the Maniple and Stole for Professions

Ceremonial snippets of the Carthusian rite liturgy

Images from Into Great Silence

Some Archival Photos

The Confiteor and Absolution

The deacon is here shown who wears neither alb nor dalmatic, but the cuculla ecclesiastica and puts on the diaconal stole only at the Gospel

Note the gremial

The cruciform position one sees in various Western liturgical uses

The prostration of thanksgiving that is made after Carthusian liturgy

(The present day Carthusian liturgy)

More recent articles:

For more articles, see the NLM archives: