Thursday, August 06, 2009

Book Notice: Hardman of Birmingham - Goldsmith and Glasspainter

This book, published last year, only recently came to my attention. Readers may have noted the name of "Hardman and Co. of Birmingham" a great deal lately in connection with the arts of the gothic revival, and indeed, the name of Hardman is intimately bound up with that.

Accordingly, it was to my great delight to discover a book had been published on this company which is so important in the history of the gothic revival.

Hardman of Birmingham Goldsmith and Glasspainter
by Michael Fisher

"John Hardman & Co were established in Birmingham in 1838 and worked closely with AWN Pugin, manufacturing metalwork and stained glass for him on projects including the Houses of Parliament and many other religious and secular buildings in the Gothic style. Written to celebrate the 170th anniversary of the company, which today is still a world leader in the manufacture of stained glass. Illustrated chiefly in colour with c 220 photographs and drawings. The author is an acknowledged authority on the work of Pugin and is Hardmans archivist. This is the first work on Hardmans and includes much unpublished material of national significance.

Landmark Publishing
250 pp.

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