Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fathers of Mercy Church, South Union, Kentucky

Continuing with our NLM Arts Initiative, I wanted to share with you a project which took place at the church of the Fathers of Mercy in South Union, KY.

The work that you will see accomplished here combines old and new. An original (i.e. antique) high altar, side altars and communion rails, with a new free-standing altar and ambo designed by the Mazzolini Artcraft Co.

In addition, the mural work and stencil work that you see was done by Murals by Jericho.

Here are some images of the work while it was yet in progress. (In other words, do note that everything is not yet all in order within the sanctuary.)

One will note here that wonderful use of colour and, wonderfully, the presence of stencilled designs which can be used to very great effect -- as they have indeed been here. This sort of use of pattern and colour certainly manifest one stream of "noble simplicity" in my estimation.

This shows the new marble altar and ambo that were created by Mazzolini Artcraft Co.

A nice detail of the side of the new altar which has some very nice mosaic detailing. Little details like this do matter a great deal in terms of the overall effect.

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