Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Other Modern: Glass of Max Läuger and Otto Wagner

As part of our "Other Modern" series, we recently showed some of the architectural and glass work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, which presented one particular style of modern glass work.

Keeping our focus still on glasswork, I would now like to briefly turn your attention to the work of two others who operate within the modern context, but in a much different style from that of Tiffany.

First, the work of Max Läuger (1864-1952), which, in this instance, is found inside the Paulus Church in Basel, Switzerland:

Another artist worthy of consideration in this same vein is Otto Wagner (1841-1918), whose glass work in the Art Nouveau church of St. Leopold am Steinhof in Vienna has to be amongst some of the most widely known.


Here are some pictures of Otto Wagner's windows, taken by the NLM's own Gregor Kollmorgen.

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