Monday, August 17, 2009

Assumption Vespers from the Birmingham Oratory

Having an opportunity to share sung Vespers is never an opportunity I find I can pass up. It is one of the great, though unfortunately relatively rare and unexplored aspects of parish liturgical life.

For my own part, I had the joy to attend Vespers at the Toronto Oratory yesterday evening, and now today, I am happy to share with you some clips of solemn Vespers from the Birmingham Oratory, shared in turn by Mrs. Jackie Parkes.

I hope these clips might inspire some of our priests and choir directors to further consider how they might manifest this wonderful aspect of liturgical life within their own parishes and oratories, though no doubt in a simpler form given the circumstances of typical parishes.

Speaking of the Birmingham Oratory, you may wish to keep your eye on the site of the Cause for Canonization of John Henry Cardinal Newman as they are continuing to put up various interesting articles and pieces. One of those most recent pieces was Cardinal Pell on Newman, Conscience, and the primacy of the Truth.

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