Friday, August 21, 2009

Latin Masses at the Co-Cathedral of St. Thomas More, Tallahassee

The excellent Musica Sacra Florida blog mentions some good news. The somewhat experimental scheduling of occasional Extraordinary Form masses has begun to be formalized, and there are rumors of the possibility of a weekly mass if the Extraordinary Form continues to be well-attended, as it has been thus far. The first will be a Low Mass (with hymns) on Sunday, October 4 of this year, followed by two high masses (!) on the Sundays January 10 and April 18. They will be held at the Co-Cathedral at 2 PM on those days. Collections gathered will be used exclusively to benefit the celebration of the traditional liturgy; as concrete proof of this, a splendid set of new vestments will be used on October 4, purchased from the funds gathered at the previous mass in June. I am told there may also be snacks afterwards. Please show your support by your attendance!

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