Thursday, August 13, 2009

Josquin's Ave Maria

I'm extremly excited that our schola will continue work on this masterpiece by Josquin, Ave Maria. There are many free editions available. This is the one we like.

The words are not conventional.

Ave Maria [Hail Mary]
gratia plena [full of grace]
dominus tecum, [the Lord is with thee]
virgo serena. [serene Virgin]
Ave, cuius conceptio, [Hail, whose conception]
solemni plena gaudio, [full of great jubilation]
coelestia terrestria [fills Heaven and Earth]
nova replet laetitia. [with new joy]
Ave, cuius nativitas [Hail, whose birth]
nostra fuit solemnitas, [brought us joy]
ut lucifer lux oriens [as light-bearing morning star]
verum solem praeveniens. [went before the true sun]
Ave, pia humilitas, [Hail, pious humility]
sine viro fecunditas, [fruitful without a man]
cuius annuntiatio [whose Annuciation]
nostra fuit salvatio. [brought us salvation]
Ave, vera virginitas, [Hail, true virginity]
immaculata castitas, [immaculate chasity]
cuius purificatio [whose purification]
nostra fuit purgatio. [brought our cleansing]
Ave, praeclara omnibus [Hail, glorious one]
angelicis virtutibus, [in all angelic virtues]
cuius assumptio [whose Assumption]
nostra glorificatio. [was our glorification]
O mater Dei, [O Mother of God]
memento mei. Amen. remember me. Amen]

Here is a great performance, bad recording

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