Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Further Developments Related to the Tornielli Rumours

Recently it was noted that respected Vatican watcher Andrea Tornielli reported about certain reform of the reform initiatives purportedly being put forward.

Catholic News Agency reports that the Vatican denies liturgical reforms being formalized.

In that report, it is said that on Vatican Radio "[t]he Assistant Director of the Press Office, Father Ciro Benedettini, said that 'so far there are no institutional proposals for amendment of the books currently in use.'"

Zenit reports the same story, attributing a similar statement to Benedettini: "for the time being there are no institutional proposals for a modification of the liturgical books used at present."

If we are receiving the full picture by way of this brief quote, it may be pertinent that Fr. Benedettini appears to be confining himself to speaking specifically of the amendment or modification of the liturgical books. Tornielli for his own part, however suggested that it was believed by the Pope that "to simply drop directives from above, [will] serve no good.... The style of Ratzinger is that of comparison and, above all, of example." In this regard then, it would certainly seem that he has not suggested that modifications/amendments to the liturgical books are underway; of the purported propositions, most do not strictly pertain to the modification or amendment of the liturgical books, speaking instead of recovery, re-affirmation and study.

It may or may not also be pertinent that Benedettini's statement is rather qualified, speaking of "institutional proposals."

Given the possibility of some topical variances here therefore, the question that might arise is whether this is, as is being reported in the aforementioned news sources, an intended denial of the contents of Tornielli's report, or whether it is not a denial, but rather a pre-emptive assurance, on the heels of Tornielli's story, that there are no formal changes to the liturgical books presently planned.

As is always the case with rumours, we shall simply have to wait and see.

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