Monday, September 01, 2008

Singing Te Deum

Here is the St. Augustine Schola at the annual reenactment of Menendez's 1565 landing in St. Augustine, Floria. He was met by Fr. Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajales, who was carrying a cross and singing Te Deum.

Fr. Lopez writes in his diary: "On Saturday, the 8th, the general landed with many banners spread, to the sound of trumpets and salutes of artillery. As I had gone ashore the evening before, I took a cross and went to meet him, singing the hymn Te Deum laudamus. The general marched up to the cross, followed by all who accompanied him, and there they kneeled and embraced the cross. A large number of Indians watched these proceedings and imitated all they saw done."

The St. Augustine Schola is singing from the Parish Book of Chant. Here is an audio link of Te Deum at the 2008 Sacred Music Colloquium.

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