Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dominican Altarboys' Manual

I am pleased to announce that, through the kindness of Fr. Paul Keller, O.P., we now have available on our sidebar under "Dominican Rite--Texts" at Dominican Liturgy a scan of the

Dominican Altarboys' Manual according to the Rite of the Order of Preachers: Compiled from the Dominican Ceremonial (New York: Province of St. Joseph, 1945).

This booklet presents very complete instructions and photos on how to serve the Dominican Rite Mass in the Low Mass, Missa Cantata, and Solemn Mass forms. Although there have been some accomodations to Roman practice (e.g., the manual gives the Roman, not the Dominican, order for lighting the altar candles), these do seem to represent the customs in force in the Eastern Dominican Province before the Council.

This text may be downloaded in PDF format, for printing or consultation on your computer, at Dominican Liturgy. This resource will be especially helpful for communities where the Extraordinary Use of the Roman Rite is celebrated, and there is a Dominican who fills in or regularly celebrates, should he decide use the traditional Mass proper to his Order--as, with his provincial's permission, he has the right to do. This download now allows all servers to be properly prepared for such a necessity.

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