Thursday, September 25, 2008

EF parish in Florida

Email just arrived, but I see now that Fr. Z already posted it.

Bishop Dewane Gives First Church in Florida for Exclusive Use of the Latin Mass

His Excellency Bishop Frank Dewane announced today that the Diocese of Venice in Florida has purchased a church for the exclusive use of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

This will be the first church to be dedicated exclusively for the Latin Mass in Florida.

The church is situated on close to three acres of property and is located at 1900 Meadowood Street, Sarasota.

The property previously belonged to Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

Significant renovation will be necessary before doors can be opened, including a new roof, renovating the sanctuary and making the nave of the church larger. However it is hoped that the new church will be opened in the near future.

Juridically, the building will be erected as a chapel, and at a future date it will be raised to the status of a parish.

Also, the Open House is from 12-6PM this Saturday, September 27th at the Church at 1900 Meadowood in Sarasota.

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