Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ratisbon/Medici edition of the Graduale also coming

Thanks to the generosity of Matthew Williams, an 1871 edition of the old Graduale--before it was reformed under Pius X and Solesmes--will soon be online. I had entirely overlooked the merit of this project until Fr. Thompson pointed out that this was, after all, the Graduale of the Church for some 300 years, and it merits posting for scholarly interest. Recall too that the Ceacilians in Germany, and actually the United States too, were very reluctant to give up this edition of the Graduale and adopt the new Vatican edition that appeared in 1908. The polemics surrounding this issue make today's liturgy wars seem peaceful.

Anyway, it too will soon be online. Here are some fun pictures. And thank you Matthew (and also the CMAA, which is also in need of funds to pay for scanning).

More here.

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