Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Graduale Romanum 1908: a first look and request for help

Ta da! Here it is: the first-ever, universally available, completely free, beautifully scanned, Graduale Romanum 1908 -- on its hundredth anniversary.

Isn't it so exciting?

I'm personally partial to the later editions with rhythmic markings, but some people like this bare-bones version. In any case, it is a monument of civilization, an amazing achievement, the culmination of many years of study and work, and the fulfillment of the wish of Pius X.

By the way, this is the gift of Jeffrey Ostrowski of Chabanel Psalms. Thank him and his generosity--it was a big sacrifice for the good of all and the good of the faith--and also the CMAA which paid for this scan.

Now, you will note that something is missing: bookmarks. This obviously has to be bookmarked. It just has to be! I'm displaying it here without them so you can see how necessary they are.

Here's my request: is someone will to take this on? It is probably an afternoon's work but look at how it will open this book to the whole world. If you are interested, please say so in the comment box and download it. We can make arrangements for FTPing later.

Anyway, be joyful! It is up and live!

(Downloads crashed the server; will be back soon)

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