Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sacramentary for Papal Visit to France

The Sacramentary for the Pope's impending visit to France has been released. Some positive elements I would like to highlight having had a first glance at it:

Sep. 12th, Vespers of the Holy Name of Mary in Notre Dame in Paris:

Ave maris stella in plainchant, Responsorium Ave Maria by Bruckner, Magnificat in Latin, presu-mably chant, Pater noster also chanted in Latin

Sep. 13th, Mass at Les Invalides (Memory of St. John Chrysostom):

Confiteor (French), Kyrie XVI, Gloria VIII, Pater noster chanted in Latin

Sep. 14th, Mass at Lourdes (Holy Cross):

Credo III, Sanctus, Eucharistic Prayer III, Pater noster and Agnus Dei in Latin

Afterwards Eucharistic Adoration: Tantum ergo and prayer in Latin

Sep. 15th, Mass at Lourdes with the sick:

Stabat Mater chanted in Latin, and Eucharistic Prayer I, Pater noster and Agnus Dei in Latin

At all Masses all silent prayers of the pope will be in Latin, as will obviously be the Apostolic Blessing.

Of course, there are some things one might wish for (e.g. a more consistent use of the Roman Canon, especially on the Sunday), but together with the changes in altar arrangement, manner of distribution of Holy Communion etc. discussed in the recent article in Le Figaro, and given the environment, this is again an important step forward in Pope Benedict's restoration of the liturgy and a powerful instance of teaching by example, as also discussed in the article mentioned.

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