Friday, September 26, 2008

Help the Toronto Oratory with Donations for Solemn Mass Costs

As was announced recently upon the NLM, the Toronto Oratory is making a significant liturgical step which should be important for Canada generally -- being in the most populous region of the country and one of the most influential as well. Namely, it is celebrating the first parish Solemn Mass in the usus antiquior outside of an FSSP apostolate, possibly within the country.

This is important not only from the perspective of the motu proprio, but also given the Oratory’s strong efforts to also help reform the reform, the presence of a new Archbishop, and particularly given that the Oratory hosts a seminary for seminarians studying philosophy in the region. As such, this development is the no doubt the first step of something extraordinarily important for the Church in this region.

Of course, as with all things done by the Toronto Oratory, they seek to do them with great excellence – and it has come to my attention that this has come with some costs that would be helpful to have defrayed.

Some of this has already happened, but in order to help further defer their costs a donation (or donations amounting to) a mere $500.00 is desireable. While it would not be much to an individual or to a few individuals, it would be of major significance to the Toronto Oratory.

Therefore, if there are those out there willing to donate more to help encourage these continued developments, might I encourage you accordingly?

As we sit here within the Ember days of September, perhaps such a donation might be one sacrifice you could make for the greater liturgical cause, and one which might be of great help in encouraging and advancing these developments.

In order to facilitate this, might I recommend you contact the NLM if you are interested in pursuing these and we will put you in contact with the proper individuals at the Toronto Oratory.

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