Monday, September 01, 2008

Liturgical Images from Budapest: Modern Roman Liturgy

As I have mentioned, the Budapest liturgical conference had both forms of the Roman liturgy represented as part of its liturgical programme.

The first full day of the conference saw the celebration of the sacred mysteries in St. Stephen's Basilica according to the modern form of the Roman liturgy by the chairman of the Hungarian liturgical committee, Bishop Nándor Bosák.

As I also mentioned, the use of the "Benedictine arrangement" of the candlesticks and cross was employed for this particular Mass and the proportions of the cross and candlesticks in relation to the altar was quite effective:

The candlesticks and cross were substantial enough to have the re-orienting effect it intends and further gave the altar a much needed verticality.

(Fr. Thomas Kocik proclaims the Gospel, chanted and in Latin)

One of the personally gratifying aspects of liturgical conferences such as these is the ability to see various side altars put into the use for which they were built. Just prior to the aforementioned Mass the following Mass was offered according to the 1962 Missale on one of the Basilica's side altars:

That evening, vespers was celebrated with a children choir in one of Budapest's parish churches.

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