Saturday, July 05, 2008

Te Deum, Pange Lingua, and more

It's great to have three new recordings of foundational Catholic music online. In fact, when I thought about the size and scale of the Sacred Music Colloquium, I hadn't entirely considered what it would mean for the world of Catholic music that all this music, the vast vast amount of music, would be available online for free after.

We had all variously planned some recording sessions at some point but it turns out that even the grandest ambitions about putting audio online for free is happening slowing and somewhat inadvertently, thanks to people's hand-held MP3 recorders at the liturgical events themselves. This is very exciting.

In any case, you can now listen to:

Pange Lingua, congregation chant followed by Palestrina polyphony. Stick around to listen to this stirring choir.

Te Deum (!), solemn tone.

The Divine Praises, sung in English

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