Monday, July 14, 2008

First Papal Mass in Australia [Update]

The first picture of Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI in Australia has been released by the Osservatore Romano (click picture to enlarge). It is the private Mass which the Holy Father celebrated this morning in the Kenthurst Study Center on the outskirts of Sydney, an Opus Dei retreat house where the Pontiff is resting before beginning public appearances on Thursday. Before any unreasonable grousing it should be observed that ad orientem celebration is clearly not possible at this altar as it is currently set up. Nevertheless, a nice implementation of the "Benedictine" altar arrangemt with four candles, as is appropriate for the private Mass of a Bishop, and very dignified chapel and vestments, as is to be expected from Opus Dei.


A short video snippet of the offertory of this Mass can be seen here, sadly with Italian voice-over; according to what I have read from Apcom here, Mass was said in Latin.

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