Monday, July 21, 2008

An Anglican Use Requiem

Fr. Christopher G. Phillips, pastor of Our Lady of the Atonement, the flagship parish of the Pastoral Provision, posted some beautiful (and quite lengthy clips) from a Requiem Mass celebrated at the start of this year's Anglican Use Conference. The mass was held according to the use of the Book of Divine Worship, the variant form of the Roman Rite permitted for communities who have come over to Rome from the Anglican Communion.

The videos are quite striking, and bear repeat watching. They show a number of the Provision's distinctive elements and its continuity with earlier forms, such as the retention of "The Lord be with you" directly before the collect, and a number of ceremonial details, not the least of which are the use of black vestments. Incidentally, it appears black vestments are used on Good Friday in the Anglican Use at at least some parishes. About three minutes into the first video, you will also hear a spectacular Renaissance-style polyphonic setting of the Kyrie. One more unique feature, seen in the second video, is the presence of a Gospel procession that actually goes from one place to the next, and which culminates in the pericope being sung from the center aisle of the church.

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