Saturday, July 19, 2008

Adoration at WYD [Update]

Some impressions of the adoration of the Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament at the World Youth Day's vigil, where Tantum ergo has just been sung complete with versicle and oratio in Latin.




The address of the Holy Father was again outstanding, including a wonderful passage on the Holy Spirit in the thought of St. Augustine.


The address is now online. I recommend it to read the entire allocution. However, a paragraph which is also important for the correct understanding of participation at the liturgy is the following:

Tomorrow, that same gift of the Spirit will be solemnly conferred upon our confirmation candidates. I shall pray: "give them the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of right judgement and courage, the spirit of knowledge and reverence … and fill them with the spirit of wonder and awe". These gifts of the Spirit – each of which, as Saint Francis de Sales reminds us, is a way to participate in the one love of God – are neither prizes nor rewards. They are freely given (cf. 1 Cor 12:11). And they require only one response on the part of the receiver: I accept! Here we sense something of the deep mystery of being Christian. What constitutes our faith is not primarily what we do but what we receive. After all, many generous people who are not Christian may well achieve far more than we do. Friends, do you accept being drawn into God’s Trinitarian life? Do you accept being drawn into his communion of love?

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