Saturday, July 26, 2008

Assistant University Professor Commits Sacrilege

A good friend of the NLM brought this story to our attention. It certainly raises the issue of how communion is received that has been so much in the Catholic news recently, particularly with the new papal practice. The indult which allows communion to be received in the hand does make it far easier for these sorts of abuses to occur.

Consecrated Host from the Oratory desecrated by Assistant Prof P Z Myers

Renowned atheist and colleague of Richard Dawkins, Asst Prof P Z Myers at the University of Minnesota Morris has desecrated a host taken from the Brompton Oratory.

There is a video on YouTube which shows Myers putting a rusty nail through the host where he then puts it into a trash bin along with a banana peel, a copy of "the Koran" and a copy of "The God Delusion".


There have also been copy cats who have done similar desecrating acts to the Eucharist as well.

The purpose of telling readers of these horrifying events is not for exhibitionism, but rather because we need to evaluate, and more importantly we need the Church to evaluate, the things that make these, and countless other private desecrations we simply do not hear about, more easily possible. Namely, the manner in which communion is distributed to the faithful.

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