Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sights from Merton College, Oxford

Below are some exclusive photos from the first day of the LMS Summer School 2008 currently under way in Merton College, Oxford. The day began with a Procession and a beautiful Solemn Mass, lunch in the College Hall, and a talk by Rev Dr Laurence Paul Hemming on 'The Theology of the Liturgy'.

Merton High Altar
The High Altar in Merton College's medieval chapel is prepared for Solemn Mass. Incidentally, the altarpiece is 16th-century, of the school of Tintoretto, and the surround, c.1923 is by Sir Ninian Comper.

Entrance Procession
The Procession enters the Quire. Behind the Crucifer are the cantors of the Schola Sainte Cecile who once again sang the most sublime chant and fauxbourdon at the Solemn Mass. There are more photos on their blog too.

At the foot of the Altar
Prayers at the foot of the Altar, followed by the Confiteor:


The Altar is incensed:
Incensing the Altar Cross

Sacred Hierarchy

Reverencing the Holy Name

The Gloria and the Collect for the feast of Ss Nazarius & Celsus & Popes Ss Victor I & Innocent I.

The sub-deacon, Fr Andrew Wadsworth during the Offertory.

Incense at the Offertory
Mgr Anthony Conlon, assisted by the deacon, incenses the Altar and the Oblata. Mgr Conlon is chaplain of the Latin Mass Society.

Incensing the sub-deacon
The deacon, Laurence Paul Hemming, incenses the sub-deacon.

Procession from chapel

Gathered in Merton Quad
After Mass is offered, the clergy process to the 13th-century Front Quad of Merton College.

Lunch in Merton Hall
A convivial lunch in the College Hall at Merton.

Dr Hemming's talk
Rev Dr Hemming speaks to the assembled clergy and guests followed by a coffee break:

Tea break

This was a beautiful start to a five-day event. Our next posting will be after Pontifical Vespers on Thursday. Bishop Malcolm McMahon OP of Nottingham will pontificate at this.

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