Friday, July 18, 2008

Final Programme Released for Budapest Liturgical Conference

The official programme for the upcoming liturgical conference in a Budapest, which takes place from August 21-24, has finally been released. It is an excellent and interesting programme, not only on account of the many liturgical scholars there present, but also for the liturgies.

There is still time for you to consider coming to this conference, so do take a look at this official programme and give it some consideration.


Pope Benedict XVI and the Sacred Liturgy

International conference
Budapest, 21st–24th August 2008



Greetings of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI conveyed by His Excellency Archbishop JULIUSZ JANUSZ, Apostolic Nuncio to Hungary

Opening address: His Eminence LÁSZLÓ Card. PASKAI

ALCUIN REID: The liturgical reform of Pope Benedict XVI (Keynote)

ROBERT A. SKERIS: Theology of worship and of its music:
From Joseph Ratzinger to John Paul II to Benedict XVI

THOMAS M. KOCIK: The “reform of the reform” in broad perspective:
Re-engaging the living tradition

R. MICHAEL SCHMITZ, ICRSS: Culture and detail: The mystery
of liturgical life

ZOLTÁN RIHMER: Law and liturgy: The perils and prospects
of a difficult relationship

LAUREN PRISTAS: Septuagesima and the post-Vatican II liturgical

LAURENCE P. HEMMING: “I saw the New Jerusalem”: On time
in the Sacred Liturgy

MIKLÓS ISTVÁN FÖLDVÁRY: The variants of the Roman rite:
Their legitimacy and revival

SVEN CONRAD, FSSP: Die innere Logik eines Ritus als Maßstab
liturgischer Entwicklung

UWE MICHAEL LANG: Once again: Orientation in liturgical prayer
and the sacrificial character of Mass

HELMUT HOPING: Danksagende Anbetung: Die heilige Liturgie
und die Einheit der römischen Messe

LÁSZLÓ DOBSZAY: The perspectives of an organic development

ROUND TABLE: Efforts and experiences in renewing liturgical life
Moderator: ERVIN J. ALÁCSI
SVEN CONRAD, FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of St Peter, Bettbrunn)
DENNIS KOLIŃSKI, SJC (Canons Regular of St John Cantius, Chicago)
R. MICHAEL SCHMITZ, ICRSS (Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, Chicago)
GUILLAUME DE TANOÜARN, IBP (Institut du Bon Pasteur, Paris)
SHAWN TRIBE (New Liturgical Movement, Toronto)
PÉTER ÁGOSTON ULLMANN, OPraem (St Augustine Liturgical Atelier, Gödöllő)


Solemn Vespers, Co-Cathedral Basilica of St Stephen,
Celebrated by His Eminence LÁSZLÓ Card. PASKAI.

Pontifical Mass in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, Co-Cathedral Basilica of St Stephen, Celebrated by His Excellency NÁNDOR BOSÁK, Bishop of Debrecen-Nyíregyháza, Chairman of the Liturgy Committee of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Children’s Vespers, Krisztinaváros Parish Church of St Mary of the Snows
Celebrated by the Rev. Fr. JÓZSEF TÖRÖK

Chanted Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (parish use)
Celebrated by the Rev. Fr. ERVIN KOVÁCS,

Pontifical Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite
Celebrated by His Excellency Archbishop EDMOND FARHAT,
Apostolic Nuncio to Austria

Visit to a Serbian Orthodox bdenie (all-night vigil)

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