Friday, July 18, 2008

The Anniversary of the Murder of the Last Russian Czar

I have been following this story from a distance when it came up twice in the past week in Inside the Vatican. Then, turning to Andrew Cusack's blog, I saw it again.

The event in question was related to the 90th anniversary of the killing of the last Russian czar, Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their children, by the Bolshevists (by execution style shootings, followed by the burning of their bodies) thereby, as Inside the Vatican puts it, making "a clean break with [Russia's] monarchical, and Christian past". Tragedy is the only word for it.

You can read more about these events on either of the two sites above (and I would particularly recommend going to Andrew Cusack's site), but it seemed to me that this story would not only be of interest to some of our Eastern Christian readers, but also to many of us in the West as well.

Here is an image from yesterday, courtesy of Andrew Cusack's site, that perhaps best sets the tone of the events which recently took place in Russia.

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