Sunday, July 06, 2008

Slight Site Design Tweaks and a Thanks

Thanks to readers who gave some input on some problems that were occuring in Internet Explorer only after some slight tweaks made today.

The design tweaks are as follows:

1. The titles of the post have been turned to blue, with larger text size and also in normal case (instead of all caps). The blue matches relatively the colour of the background.

The intent of this is to make the post titles more distinctive from the rest of the text.

2. Similarly, I have also enlarged the date text for each days posts for the same reason.

3. The sidebar has been re-arranged slightly, with a new design of blue boxes. This likewise is intended to help distinguish it from the main body text, and hopefully give a cleaner look. The blue likewise compliments the background.

The re-arrangement of some of what goes in it more or less relates to the visual looks of things, so you wil note some things that were at the top (such as the search) are now back in their original place at the bottom.

I may tweak the NLM header graphic as well, just to make it better fit in with the wider format we adopted in our last set of changes.

I am hopeful all these changes will continue to improve you reading experience at the NLM.

There are other features I would eventually like to see brought in (such as headlines with excerpt snippets at the top of the page, prior to the posts) but so far, I haven't found an effective way to to accomplish this in the way I like.

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