Monday, July 07, 2008

Latin Mass Society Pilgrimage to St. Winifrede's, Holywell

Hilary White of Orwell's Picnic (whom I met while in Rome recently) sent to the NLM these lovely photographs of a Mass in the usus antiquior celebrated as part of the Latin Mass Society's annual pilgrimage to St. Winifrede's shrine at Holywell, Wales.

The altar, with a nice, simple Roman dignity to it -- the only thing that might add to this would be the use of reliquaries in place of the flowers (though this is not to be taken as a critique let it be known).

A second post by Hilary White details more about the pilgrimage, St. Winifrede's and the Holy Well itself:

For those of us with English and Catholic heritage in our veins, can there be more consoling a sight than the display of the Catholic religion in the public English sphere, via processions, the sight of velvet Roman copes, incense and the Blessed Sacrament?

St. Winifrede's

Statue of St. Winifrede

The Holy Well

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