Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, celebrating Tradition

The following comes to the NLM from Lithuania:

The readers of NLM have already got to know about the work of the restoration of the usus antiquior going on in Lithuania. Since 2002 "Ad Fontes“ project in Kražiai had been promoting the beauty of Roman rite in its ordinary expression. In 2007 Father Scott Haynes (st.John the Cantius, Chicago) with two brothers have introduced the participants of "Ad Fontes“ in the extraordinary expression of Roman rite. So began the pioneering work not only in Kražiai, but soon in Vilnius. Since October 14, the TLM has been celebrated each Sunday in the Holy Cross church, situated in the vicinity of Vilnius Cathedral. Schola Cantorum Vilnensis from Vilnius university signs during the Mass on the regular basis.

They also kind sent along two bits of media. A recording of their schola and an image from the Mass itself:

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