Friday, March 28, 2008

Translation project: An NLM Reader's Help Sought After

A few weeks ago, I reported on the project the NLM was pursuing of seeking to gain approval and have translated a few important liturgical studies that are not presently in the English language; one on the Lyons rite (Lyons is the primatial see of the Gallican church); and at least one -- possibly two -- on the Ambrosian rite.

One of our tasks is to acquire the actual texts, and of course this is not free.

I have found a copy of Le Rite Lyonnais and have a competent translator who is prepared to begin work. We are still in the midst of seeking out any rights, but translation work can begin immediately regardless -- as is usual in these sorts of projects.

What is Needed: To acquire the book and ship it will likely require $90-95 USD.

If we have any reader who feels this project is worthwhile to pursue and would like to contribute to it in some way, we would be grateful if someone was willing to purchase the book for this purpose.

The idea would be that the "donator" of the book would purcashe it online and have the seller ship it directly to the translator.

If you would like to contribute to this project in this way, please contact me by email ( so that I can arrange with you the details of where to purchase the book, as well as to provide you with the translators shipping address.

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