Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Pictures through the Octave; St. John Cantius

I have received a number of Easter pictures so here is my plan. I am going to try to show as many as I can throughout the octave of Easter here, spreading them out. What is helpful to me is if you can create an online photo album through Flickr or some such service so that I can pick select photos to post on the NLM and point people to the other images.

For the benefit of those with slower dialup connections, except in certain cases, I will try to keep these to thumbnail images. (Today though is an exception.)

For Eastern rite Catholics who use the Gregorian Calendar, know that I am interested in your pictures as well.

If anyone has any images from the London Oratory, Birmingham Oratory, Toronto Oratory or the Church of Our Saviour, NYC, I'd be quite interested in those as well.

With that, here are some images from the church of St. John Cantius in Chicago, using the ordinary form of the Roman rite. The pictures from throughout the Triduum.

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