Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Week Schedules - Some Final Thoughts

Thank you very much for the overwhealming response to my call for Holy Week schedules; I have posted most that I have received or have found online, and I hope it may inspire you to support good liturgy in all its forms. I hope a careful perusal of them wil give ideas for how to program a fully-thought-out Holy Week in terms of both the liturgies, para-liturgies, blessings of food and public devotions, as well as the music; such documents serve as both a diagnostic and a cross-section for the many diverse approaches within the present-day liturgical movement, both with regards the Extraordinary Form and the Reform of the Reform, as well as in the context of well-done though more mainstream Novus Ordo liturgies. Whatever one's opinions on the state of the Mass, they offer a resource that is both descriptive and prescriptive.

I still have a few more schedules and photos I intend to post tomorrow during the day, both ordinary and extraordinary form, but I would kindly ask our readers to pass any further information over the next few days on to Shawn or one of our other contributors as I will be busy actively engaging in the Reform of the Reform (and also aiding the Tridentine cause at the same time, which is not mutually exclusive) by serving in my parish's Holy Week liturgies, which will include a 9:30 Tridentine sung mass on Easter morning. Have a blessed, prayerful and reflective Triduum, and I hope to see you all again Easter Monday, full of the grace and peace of the Resurrected Lord.

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