Monday, March 31, 2008

Update on "The Lyonese Rite" Translation

I recently appealed to the NLM readership for a donor for the book, L'ancienne liturgie Romaine, le rite Lyonnais. I am pleased to report that through the generosity of one of our British readers, the book has now been purchased and is en route to the translator.

If we have any French readers who might be able to help me in my search for any standing copyright issues from the original publisher, I'd be much obliged to hear from you.

As regards the Italian side of this question, that publisher is still extant, and so we are presently inquiring about the ability to translate and have published Il Rito Ambrosiano, as well as seeking out a copy of the work to serve as a working copy for the translator.

I am hopeful we might be able to translate the work on the Ambrosian Breviary as well. But that would be a future project.

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