Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Papal Mass will not include "Mass of Creation" (with update)

Thomas Stehle, director of music for the D.C. Papal Mass, tells that the Mass will not include Marty Haugen's "Mass of Creation," contrary to this report.

"There will be chant. We're not performing 'The Mass of Creation' or 'Fraction Rite'. The papal Master of Ceremonies and I went through the music," said Stehle. "The list that was posted online was neither complete nor accurate, and there are pieces that are missing."

The initial controversy was discussed on NLM here.

UPDATE: Someone just pointed out to me that his statement doesn't actually rule out the Mass of Creation Sanctus. And the statement seems to have changed slightly, with punctuation and the word "or" making a big difference. I had copied and pasted an earlier version which seemed to rule out the Mass of Creation. Now the quote says "Mass of Creation Fraction Rite." So perhaps more clarification is in order.

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