Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Catholic Blog Award results

Thanks to our readers who took time to vote in the recent Catholic Blog Awards, for which the NLM picked up the awards for "Best Designed" and "Best Group" blog. The rest of the results can be read here.

I wanted to note two blogs that I think particularly deserve attention in the design category. (I'm not saying they don't deserve note in other categories, but the design is simply my point of focus since we won that award). Andrew Cusack's blog has to be one of the very best out there for its design and I think he deserves some clear recognition. I'd also give a mention to Creative Minority Report in this regard as well. Kudos to them for their excellent site designs. They have two of my very most favourite blog designs.

The NLM also won the "Best Group Blog" category (thank you), and I must say that award firmly goes to the various contributors on the NLM, without which this blog would not be what it is. Thanks to them for all their own efforts and for the time that they exert in blogging on this blog. Thanks to Jeffrey, Michael, Matthew, Gregor, Fr. Kocik, Fr. Thompson, Nicola, Bro. Lawrence, Joseph, Philippe and Arlene.

Congratulations particularly go out to Father Zuhlsdorf's blog which did particularly well in this year's awards, winning quite a number. Father Zuhlsdorf puts a great deal of effort into his blog, even getting into multimedia aspects such as PODcasts and the like, and when you consider that is coming from a single individual, he certainly deserves some recognition.

Aside from those already mentioned, there are many other bloggers who deserve recognition as well -- including many which are blogs that are in languages other than English.

I started to name some of these blogs, but I'd rather not forget someone. You know who you are; you're often linked to here.

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