Saturday, March 29, 2008

Requiem Mass in the Ancient Form in Cathedral of Siena

I was browsing through an Italian forum when I ran into this report on a forthcoming requiem Mass in one of the chapels of the Cathedral of Siena:

In Siena, Saturday 12 April 2008, at 10.30, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the transfer of Msgr. Mario Ismaele Castellano, Archbishop Emeritus of Siena, there will be celebrated a solemn Mass in the Extraordinary Roman rite in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Siena at the San Bernardino (right transept, at the monument to Pope Alexander VII), which is on the burial ground of archbishops.

This is the third ancient Mass since the promulgation of the Motu proprio, to be celebrated in Siena.

The celebration is organized by the Militia of the Temple - the Poor Knights of Christ (Milizia del Tempio – Poveri Cavalieri di Cristo)...

I found this interesting on two fronts. One is the mention of Siena in relation to the ancient form of the Roman rite. If any of our readership have any information on either of the two Masses mentioned (and it is difficult to tell if the author is speaking to the city or the cathedral) in the form of photos, please contact me. As well, the NLM would also be interested in any pictures and reports from the forthcoming requiem Mass.

Second, this was of interest because it put me to mind again of the glorious and unique Cathedral of Siena. This cathedral is one of the greatest treasures of Christendom in my opinion and quite unique in many regards.

(One of the many chapels)

(The cathedral is famed for its incredible floor designs)

(The baptistry. Do also look at the ceilings. This cathedral and its associated buildings are filled with such art.)

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