Sunday, March 23, 2008

Addendum to the Triduum Recap: The Return of the White Easter Mozzetta

Those of you who were a little bit disappointed that the dreadful Roman weather this morning had somewhat impaired the solemnity of the Papal Mass on the sagrato, obliging the Holy Father to impart his Urbi et Orbi blessing directly from the altar instead of the loggia of the Vatican Basilica and therefore not to put on the vestments foreseen for this blessing, a cope and mitre of Benedict XV (1914-1922), will be especially glad to learn that this Easter Day did in fact bring another return of traditional liturgical vesture. After Mass, the Holy Father put on his choir dress, which consists of cassock, rochet, mozzetta and - optionally - pectoral cross on a golden cord and/or stole. Now, traditionally there had been three different types of mozzette for the pope: a red atlas silken one, worn in summer; a red velvet one trimmed with white fur, worn in winter; and a white damask silk one trimmed with white fur, which is only worn during the Easter octave. Pope Benedict had already reintroduced the winter version of the mozzetta, last worn (if memory serves) by Paul VI, in 2005. This morning saw the reintroduction of the Easter mozzetta:

It had also last been seen (again, if memory serves) on Paul VI:

Another picture, of Bl. John XXIII:

(source of the historic pictures: Dappled Photos)

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