Thursday, March 20, 2008

Zenit interviews Bishop Rifan of Campos

In today's Italian language Zenit, there is an interview with Bishop Rifan of Campos, Brazil. I am certain this will appear in an official translation from Zenit and so I simply present some short excerpts from Bishop Rifan in an NLM translation:

"The benefits of the re-introduction and dissemination in the Church's life of this extraordinary form of the Roman Rite was already mentioned by the current Pope in his motu proprio, when he says that, in the celebration of Mass according to the Missal of Pope Paul VI, it will [help to] demonstrate, more intensely than has happened so far, that sacredness that attracts many to the ancient tradition... Cardinal George of Chicago [wrote]: "... The Holy Father himself, long ago, drew our attention to the beauty and depth of the Missal of St. Pius V. .. The liturgy of 1962... [is] a valuable source of understanding for all other liturgical rites ..."

"When I attended, in 2007, a conference convened in Oxford to teach the celebration of Mass in extraordinary form, over 60 diocesan priests from the United Kingdom there present; the Archbishop of Birminghan, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, said in the opning Solemn Mass that the priests participants who, having learned the Mass in the ancient form, although in their parishes had celebrated Mass in the current rite of Paul VI, would celebrate it much better."

* * *

"Speaking of abuses following from the liturgical reform, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger complained that the liturgy had degenerated into a show which seeks to make religion interesting with the help of elements of fashion... Behind this, there is a lack of genuine spirituality, which [believes] that to attract the people you need to invent new [things]. But the Mass attracts in and of itself, with its sacredness and its mystery. Basically, this [problem] is the decrease in the mysteries of the Eucharistic faith by which you try to compensate with novelty and creativity. When the celebrant wants to become a protagonist, liturgical abuses begin. They forget that the heart of the Mass is Jesus Christ."

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