Monday, March 17, 2008

Triduum at the Church of Our Saviour, New York City - Amateur Photographers Needed; and This Year's Holy Week Schedule

In response to the recent call for photographs of Holy Week liturgies, if any New York-area amateur photographers with a quality camera and a zoom lens would like to document the Triduum services at the Church of Our Saviour (principally those in the Ordinary Form), please contact Matthew Alderman at malderman83(at)gmail(dot)com who can arrange special access to the choir loft and sacristy. Photographs such as this would prove of considerable interest to the NLM's readership, to whom you would be doing a considerable service by volunteering.


For those readers not familiar with it, the Church of Our Saviour, Park Avenue, a magnificent stone Romanesque edifice built in 1959, is the site, every year, of Father George William Rutler's annual Meditations on the 7 Last Words on Good Friday. Its other Holy Week services (mostly Ordinary Form, but this year also including a Sung Extraordinary Form Mass on Easter Sunday) are also very dignified and solemn. While most of the prayers are recited or chanted in English, the Mass Ordinary and proper chants are customarily in Latin and also accompanied by hymns and motets, and the sober rituals of the liturgy are carried out with particular attention by the clergy and servers.

This year, the schedule will be as follows, and I would strongly encourage our New York readers to drop by at some point as it can be both a profoundly moving experience, and also illustrate that much can be accomplished liturgically with patience, effort and hard work, even with the comparatively limited resources of a small parish. And if you can spare us your camera and your talent, we would be very much in your debt.

Saturday 5:00 PM - Vigil Mass
Sunday 7:30 AM, 9:30 am, 12:30 pm, 5:00 pm - Mass (O.F.)
Sunday 11:00 AM - Solemn Entrance, Blessing of Palms and Solemn Mass (O.F.)

March 17, 18, and 19
7:45 AM and 12:05 PM - Mass (O.F.)

Confessions: 7:00–7:30 am and 12:30–1:00 pm

12:05 PM - Mass (for commuters)
6:00 PM - Mass of the Lord's Supper: Celebration of the Institution of the Eucharist and Procession of the Blessed Sacrament to the Altar of Repose (O.F.)

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will continue until 9:00 pm


12:00 Noon - 3:00 PM - Meditations on the 7 Last Words, with Prayers and Hymns.

Confessions: 12:00–3:00 PM

3:15 pm - Solemn Liturgy of the Passion: Liturgy of the Word, Recitation of the Passion, Veneration of the Cross, and Holy Communion. (O.F.)

5:00 pm - Stations of the Cross


Confessions: 4:00–5:00 pm

7:30 PM - The Solemn Liturgy of the Vigil: The Service of Light, the Liturgy of the Word, Renewal of Baptismal Promises, and the First Mass of Easter (O.F.)

7:30 am, 12:30 pm - Mass (O.F.)
9:30 - Missa Cantata (1962 Missal)
11:00 - Solemn Mass of Easter Day (O.F.)

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