Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Liturgical Studies Translation update

There is good news to share on the "translation project" front. What front is that? Well, in case you hadn't read that thread, the NLM has sought to find qualified translators who could help us to put into English print, for the very first time, a few important liturgical studies.

One book is by a Benedictine from the 1930's in French, and it is a study of the Lyonese rite. A translator has been secured for that project.

A second book is a study of the Ambrosian rite by the Archepiscopal Master of Ceremonies under Bl. Cardinal Schuster, Archbishop of Milan. The author is considered quite important. We have now found a translator for that project as well.

Neither book has ever been translated into English.

Many responsed to these calls, and I appreciate everyone's response. You may yet be called upon.

Now, our next big hurdle is to ensure the necessary permissions are given to translate and print these derivative works.

In that vein, your prayers please for this and the initiative generally?

The NLM will be bringing another initiative to you soon; one which will be particularly dear to our readership, but you'll have to stay tuned for news on that.

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