Monday, March 17, 2008

Images from Saint Louis Abbey

The monks at Saint Louis Abbey sent me these wonderful pictures of their celebration of the usus antiquior in their new Oratory. These pictures were taken last week. The celebrant is Fr. Bede who is from the Abbey.

They report that they have this Mass every morning at 7:30am and typically the boys from the associated priory school serve the Mass -- in this case, one of the monks served the Mass.

They also have Mass here on Sunday and report that the attendance has been so good that they now have a 7:30am Sunday Mass and a 10:30am Sunday Mass.

It sounds as though they have a fairly full Triduum slate of events as well, including the presence one very good priest friend of the NLM.

Here are some photos. Do take note of the wonderful frontal as well as the wonderful gothic vestment and appareled amice. Speaking as one who also appreciates baroque and renaissance forms of vestments, particularly in the Italianate style, it's worth noting that these too are very befitting the sacred liturgy. I have always found the gothic form of chasuble looks particularly good when accompanied by a matching appareled amice. (Priests and vestment makers take note!)

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