Monday, March 17, 2008

A few other images from the Vatican yesterday

I thought some of our readers might be interested in seeing a few more images from yesterday's Palm Sunday Mass at the Vatican.

Here are a few that come from Fotografia Felici.

(This shows a nice shot of the altar itself, set up in the way we have come to expect, oriented to the geographical East as is Roman Basilica tradition, and set up with central cross and the seven candlesticks)

(This shows a little bit more detail of the cope.)

(Here we see the arrangement of the papal throne.)

For those who at times think of looking at these things as somehow to focus simply upon fashion or externals, its worth remembering that beauty has an interior effect on the soul and also bespeaks the worth and dignity we assign the sacred rites.

It is precisely because of the interior dimension of the liturgy, its nature as divine worship and the power of these things to stir our souls accordingly that we assign such value to them, pay attention to them, and feel such joy at seeing their return.

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