Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Call for Holy Week Schedules and Written Coverage of Triduum Events

Following my posting of the Holy Week schedule for the Church of Our Saviour in New York City, and also for my request for photographers, it occurs to me that it would be a great addition to the New Liturgical Movement sent us the schedules of local parishes whose observance of either the Ordinary Form or the Extraordinary Form is particularly exemplary, so that we might spread the word about their excellence, as well as providing good examples of the liturgical life of well-rounded parishes across the country. Lists of the musical selections planned for the Triduum would also be of interest, giving a cross-section of the status of most serious church choirs in the country.

We have, of course, already called for photos, but if you cannot obtain them either from amateurs or from public-domain sources such as local church websites, I think we would be happy to present a series of concise written descriptions of Holy Week liturgies in the absence of photography.

In particular, I, personally, would be interested myself in anything concerning Ordinary Form celebrations given the fairly broad possibilities for legitimate variety permitted within a Reform of the Reform context or even a well-executed mainstream parish liturgy; though certainly any Tridentine content is equally newsworthy considering this is the first Holy Week since the promulgation of Summorum Pontificium; also, celebrations in the various Eastern rites and the Pastoral Provision/Anglican Use would be of considerable interest. I can be reached at malderman83(at)gmail(dot)com, and am eager to hear from our learned readers.

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