Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another sneak peak from La Crosse, Wisconsin

A recent editorial at the Blogger News Network on the subject of sacred art, itself worth a read, also included a handsome photograph of Duncan Stroik's new baldachin at La Crosse, Wisconsin, now with the angels sculpted by Philadelphia artist Anthony Visco in place. Previous images of the baldachin published here did not show these details as clearly. The completion of the shrine looks increasingly to be a truly pivotal moment for the restoration of the sacred in the United States. Be sure to note both the varied colors of marbling used in the structure, as well as the chryselephantine (gold-and-white) appearance of the angels, both thoughtful and subtle touches. Expect more photos of the project as it nears completion. I have been told that the large pendentive tondi with the images of four Marian doctors have been installed, and work is just beginning on the ambitious, illusionistic Pozzo-style fresco in the narthex, a groundbreaking work for modern American sacred art.

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