Friday, October 05, 2007

University of Notre Dame Motu Proprio Update

I was sent, by my good friend the Sober Sophomore, a copy of this advertisement that was placed prominently in the Notre Dame Observer, the school paper, which publicizes the eagerly-awaited catechesis on the Motu Proprio that will kick off weekly Tridentine Masses at one of the school's most beautiful chapels, St. Charles Borromeo Chapel in Alumni Residence Hall.

Campus Ministry has responded to Pope Benedict's instructions with more dispatch (not to mention cheerfulness) than the majority of most dioceses, in fact. Incidentally, the Coleman-Morse Center, where the talks will be held, is smack dab in the middle of campus, and it looks like the lectures will be no hole-and-corner affair. Despite some off-campus nay-sayers, nearly everyone at Notre Dame involved in this project--students and Campus Ministry both--appear to be very excited about the Extraordinary Form and its return to campus. I imagine that as interest grows among the student body for the Extraordinary Form, we'll hear more and more about its celebration on campus. In the mean time--fellow Domers! Procedamus in pace and get thee to Alumni Hall!

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