Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Premonstratensians

The mention of the Premonstratensians recently invited an email from an NLM friend who ran into this group of Norbertines in Italy at Sant Antimo.

As you can see, the architecture is simply stunning, and if you look through more of their photographs you will see some interesting murals on the walls.

Particularly edifying as well is the sense of reverence and the dignified ars celebrandi that seep through even these still photographs -- not to mention the fact that this liturgy, a modern Roman liturgy, is celebrated ad orientem.

Various photographs showing different celebrants at the altar show it being done ad orientem which at least implies this must be relatively normative.

I thank our reader for pointing this group of Norbertines out to me -- and by consequence, to all of you as well.

You may wonder at times why, indeed, I show images from these various locales. The answer is quite simple. On the one hand, it is simply a good thing to know of such places; further to that, such knowledge can also help to encourage people; finally, places like these might serve as models and sources of inspiration for other places and so then does the new liturgical movement push ahead by means of it (at least to some degree).

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