Saturday, October 27, 2007

Liturgical Resources: A question for our readership

Often readers come to the NLM asking questions about resources, and now I am coming to our readers. Our readership includes a number of people with great knowledge and resources; from parish priests operating a parish, to vestment makers and purveyors of church goods.

It is the these latter that I address my questions. My local community is trying to further enchant the liturgy with less temporary, more beautiful items for the altar -- but of course, within a budget.

To that end, I come with a couple of matters that our readership may perhaps be able to help us with.

High Altar Candles

I am looking to find a company, preferably within North America, that sells the traditional style of "high altar candles" that would go in high altar candlesticks. In other words, tall and relatively slender; as one sees in chapels like that of the FSSP in Rome for instance: approximately 1.5" in diameter by 36" in height.

I have found a few companies online who sell something close to this, but I wanted to put it out there to you.

Have any of you found a particular company that sell such, at relatively reasonable prices (particularly since six are required), that are of good quality (i.e. the candles are not terribly warped, burn well, and so on). If so, please let us know in the comments.

I am sure there are others who would find this of interest as well for their own locales.


New Vestments

I would be interested to hear from our vestment-makers here on what sort of pricing they would be able to offer for their vestments, as well as samples of their work.

I would be interested in both Roman and Gothic style quotations for chasuble sets and matching cope in all the colours.

Second Hand Vestments

Second-hand vestments of particular beauty and still in good condition would be of interest if some of our readership deal in such things. Of particular interest would be those of the Italianate variety or ornamentation, or the French style.

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