Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Springtime: The Sacred and Profane Have Kissed: Quite an Extraordinary Tale

From New Springtime: A Journal of Faith, Culture and Society (which is the journal of the Australian Catholic Students association) comes an interesting reflection by a young Catholic, Tara Peters, on her and some of her confreres experience of September the 14th. It's a wonderfully word-painted read.

An excerpt:

"Each new discovery of the ancient Roman Missal is a victory for the wider culture. If one only considered becoming familiar with the prayers at the foot of the altar, then already there would be opened up vast amounts of fine Catholic literature for a new generation to pick up and read! These words were daily upon the lips of Monsignor Ronald Knox as he ascended the altar, and Dietrich von Hildebrand prayed the very same from his hand-missal in the pews. Today’s atmosphere is so delightful that perhaps even these literary artisans would forgive an enthusiastic young woman’s lapse into the etiquette of modern methods of communication (the sacred and profane have kissed), as she sits on a train, and taps out an ‘Et cum SPIRIT220!’ on her mobile phone."

Read the entire article: The Sacred and Profane Have Kissed: Quite an Extraordinary Tale

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