Sunday, October 14, 2007

New philosophical society seeks to promote Scholasticism

Speaking of Thomas Aquinas and the liturgy, while this group is not specifically about the liturgy, it has definite promise and is of interest: The Society of Scholastics

Their stated aims:

"We are an intellectual association committed to restoring the philosophic doctrines, didactic principles, and scientific synthesis of the greatest masters of the medieval universities, the Scholastics. We hold Thomas of Aquin above all other philosophers as the most perfect Scholastic thinker and we apply ourselves to renewing the great tradition of Thomistic Philosophy forged by his Commentators throughout the centuries."

I note Msgr. Michael Schmitz of the ICRSS is one of their advisors.

A very interesting project, and I would encourage anyone of philosophical bent to take a look.

I thank these men for sending me information about their society.

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