Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All Souls and Requiems: Reminder and Poll

With All Souls coming up, and tying back into my modest proposal about the use of black vestments, just a reminder and encouragement to our priests that if you have such vestments available to you, consider wearing them. Consider as well the experience of many priests outside the usus antiquior who have chosen such, and with nary a pastoral problem.

Further to that, the NLM would love to receive photos from parishes where they have implemented such options, since they provide a more powerful witness than words often. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to post anything and everything sent my way, but please do send them my way. As always, this includes video as well.

Music is also an important part of this of course. Now might be a good time to submit links to the NLM of those Requiem settings you particularly find solemnity and beauty in. Online clips of such would be welcome as well. Many of us may not be able to hear a requiem Mass setting, or hear the Dies Irae sequence from it, but if you know of (legal) online clips, please send them out way.

That leads us to the "informal poll" I spoke about:

Which setting of the Requiem do you find the most soul-stirring?

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