Monday, October 22, 2007

Santa Maria Maggiore and two Canadian FSSP apostolates experience growth in frequency

From Rome

From ORBIS CATHOLICVS: Summorum Pontificum: the Rome update... something I hadn't heard before:

"...there is now a daily Tridentine rite Mass celebrated each morning at eight o'clock at the Patriarchal Basilica of Saint Mary Major. The Mass is celebrated by a canon of the Basilica."

From London, Ontario

The FSSP's apostolate in London, Ontario announced yesterday that it will now move from monthly Mass to a weekly Sunday Mass beginning November 4th. It is also moving from its present location (a hospital chapel) to a much larger venue ("Windermere on the Mount"), a former convent chapel which is the size of a full parish church. (Click here for a 360 Virtual Tour of the new chapel) Thankfully, it's late afternoon time is also being switched to 8:00am in the morning.

This is a community also looking to grow and expand, so if you are in that area and have musical expertise in chant and polyphony, or are simply interested in attending, please spread the word.

From Quebec

The French-Canadian paper, La Soleil, has a story up on the FSSP in Quebec which the NLM has referenced here a few times before: Petit à petit, la messe en latin reprend sa place (Little by Little, the Mass in Latin Resumes its Place).

The story speaks about the small but growing community who now have daily Mass, including the normal cliches which focus primarily upon the Latin language and "back to the people" -- which Fr. William Lodde of the FSSP corrects in the article thankfully.

It also chronicles their journey from monthly Mass to daily Mass.

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